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What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

Let’s Find Out

Individually, We Are One Drop

Together, We Are an Ocean

That’s the mindset we bring to every relationship we engage in. Fostering a collaborative environment is key to addressing every piece of your financial puzzle today while building a roadmap to financial independence tomorrow.

Here’s How We Collaborate with Clients

Virtual | In-Person

If you’re looking for a candid conversation and thoughtful solutions, welcome home.

We celebrate and honor the hard work you’ve put into building a solid financial foundation. We also understand that you may need help navigating these next few steps. Whatever financial freedom means to you, we’ve developed a process to help make it happen.

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We Can Also Offer You

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Cash Flow Discovery

Cash Flow Discovery

You’re still growing your family, your career and your wealth. We’ll chart your path toward financial independence through a custom plan complete with action items and timelines. Financial independence is the summit, and we’ll be your guides as you climb closer to your goal.

Quadrant Advantage

Quadrant Advantage

Nearing retirement, you need a game plan for every market environment. The Quadrant Advantage helps us mitigate risk by creating a cash flow strategy that includes varying types of retirement income opportunities.

Family Office

Virtual Family Office

The key to minimizing wealth erosion is to keep future generations educated and informed. The problem is, you’re busy. You don’t always have the time or capability to curate a team of financial professionals to take the helm on protecting your wealth. That’s where we come. We’ll find, vet, coordinate and manage a team of advisors to help your family grow and preserve its wealth for decades to come.

Custom Wealth Architect

Retirement Plan Audits

If you’re a business owner looking to help your employees get a leg up on saving, you need a fool-proof retirement plan offering. Your employees benefit from the right tools when working toward financial independence. That’s why we work with you to ensure your company’s retirement plan is best designed for your company’s specific goals - without competing with your plan’s advisor or vendor.

Our Values Include:


You’ve found success as a diligent saver, accumulating a significant amount of assets. But now there’s one big question on your mind: What comes next? Working toward financial freedom doesn’t come naturally, but the decisions you make between now and retirement are crucial. Our job is to give you the tools to make those decisions with confidence.


We’ve built our practice around the idea that our breadth is wide and our depth is shallow. That’s why we’ve established a sophisticated network of specialists that we’ll coordinate on your behalf to address every facet of your financial well-being.


We’re proud to have helped clients for over 40 years, and we can’t wait to see what we can do for you too. Since our inception, our sole purpose has been to empower you to do good by your family, your community and future generations to come.

For Over 40 Years, 

We’ve Built a Business We’re Proud To Share With You Today

Why Are Turtles Important to Us?

Slow and steady wins the race. This proverb was often used by Best Times Financial founder, Jack Best, as he taught clients that careful planning and steady, consistent progress is the key to reaching financial freedom. 

The turtle is a symbol of:


Today, the turtle in our logo reminds clients that the key to success requires steadfast, forward-thinking perseverance. When visiting our offices, you’ll find over 3,000 turtles lining the walls as well thanks to our many clients, colleagues and friends.

Giving to Others

Helps Us Fulfill Our Greater Purpose

We believe all of our clients have a purpose. To realize their purpose, these community leaders must first confirm their own financial independence and that the legacy they leave to their heirs is assured.

We, along with our clients, believe much of our success is owed to the communities we have been nurtured in and inspired by.

This is where passion and purpose come together.

Many of our clients contribute to programs and communities that have benefitted them and share in their beliefs.

What you see below is the above put to action. Each of these charities has been impacted by the work done by the Best Times Financial community to make the world a better place.

In 2021:

Charities Our Clients Support Include:

Pipeline Worldwide

Pipeline worldwide is focused on helping people across Eastern Africa with a specific focus currently in Uganda. They do this through sustainable partnerships with local communities where through the community’s voice and priorities they support various initiatives including helping with access to clean drinking water, healthcare equipment and supplies, lack of power, food scarcity and shelter in their communities.

I first got introduced to Pipeline worldwide 6 years ago, in that time I have been able to travel with them 3 times, once to Kenya and two times to Uganda with the most recent being in April of 2021. In that time I have seen the type of impact a hand-up. 

- William C.

Landmark Society of Western New York

How are my investments working for me?

The Landmark Society of Western New York, Inc., is one of the nation’s oldest and most active historic preservation organizations. It is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to helping our region’s communities preserve and capitalize on their rich architectural, historical, and cultural heritage. The Landmark Society’s service area covers nine counties in western New York centered on the City of Rochester.

I returned to Rochester after a 32-year career in California. One of the major reasons for my choice to do semi-retirement here is that I could preserve a gracious older home & garden for posterity. I believe architecture is part of our shared heritage.

- John C.

Heritage Christian Services

Established in 1984, Heritage Christian Services strives to advance an inclusive and equitable community. Its than 3,700 employees work alongside the people who choose their services, ensuring that everyone can achieve what is meaningful to them. Based in Rochester, with concentrations in the Finger Lakes and western New York, Heritage Christian is innovating and expanding as the needs of its community grow. They serve their community with programs that promote housing options and the support within them, in addition to programs that sustain relevant employment and day habilitation. They have also established programs for high-quality childcare, setting the standard for statewide workforce education, ensuring robust health, wellness and equity, and embracing self-empowerment. Visit HeritageChristianServices.org for more.


The EquiCenter is a therapeutic riding facility whose mission is to foster the personal growth and individual achievement of people with disabilities, at-risk youth, and veterans, including the families of all participants.  It has a range of therapeutic activities to fit the equally diverse needs of our community. Programs include therapeutic equestrian and related therapeutic programs, therapeutic horticulture on our 3-acre organic farm, canine-assisted activities, adaptive yoga, and farm-to-table culinary classes. Our purpose through all our programs is to foster the personal growth and achievement of all we serve. 

RIT School of Individualized Study

The School of Individualized Study engages in the development of flexible education pathways that support the diverse needs of 21st-century learners. We educate the whole individual for personal, professional and civic success. 

Roberts Wesleyan College

As a community of learners committed to historic Christianity, Roberts Wesleyan College seeks to prepare thoughtful, spiritually mature, service-oriented people who will help transform society. Roberts focuses on unique leadership that cultivates critical thinking, strategic agility, ethical decision-making, visioning. They have an Enactus program. Our Roberts Enactus team is filled with enthusiasm, innovation and spirit in all that we do! Being a positive light, our Enactus team focuses on the present and how we can make a change in the everyday and continue to do this for the future. They work with at risk students in grades 8- 12 in Rochester and central America. 

Pipeline Worldwide

Landmark Society of Western New York

Heritage Christian Services


RIT School of Individualized Study

Roberts Wesleyan College

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