Your Personal CFO

When you think about a successful business you think of the different experts that are a part of the business.
There is a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operation Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Financial Officer. Each of these titles conveys a layer of expertise and oversight. A business owners first hire once they have become successful and gone beyond the startup phase is usually the Chief Financial Officer. What we do is help our clients by being their Chief Financial Officer at home. We are their Personal CFO. Our clients have already achieved success. A Personal CFO does not know everything, what they do know is who to bring in, when to bring them in, why to bring them in and how to utilize their expertise to coordinate with your plans.

Kay helps individuals & families think differently about their wealth.

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Kay Pfleghardt, CFP®

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Kay is a rising professional who learned about the fearsome force that money can create for future generations in families at a young age. At 18, Kay uncovered a less-than-favorable family legacy when she went to apply for her first credit card (be sure to ask her the story). It was at that time that she switched her baccalaureate major from Psychology to Financial Planning. By age 23, Kay earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification.

Since her 2014 entry into the industry, Kay has found her passion in helping clients think differently about their wealth – where it comes from, how to create sustainable growth, how to manage risk exposure, and how to cultivate fruitful community relationships over their lifetime. Her knack for making sure everyone in a room feels heard allows our clients to drive more meaningful, personalized conversations.

Kay holds both a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Planning and Associates Degree in Accounting. Kay is a board member of both the Rochester Financial Planning Association and the Alfred State Financial Planning Program. She has been featured on multiple speaking panels and has presented on a variety of financial topics locally.

Kay lives in Rochester, New York. She is an avid beach volleyball player & adventurist. If she doesn’t have her feet buried in the sand you can be sure to find her at her local Crossfit gym, biking through the city, paddle-boarding on the water, or hiking around Upstate NY.