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J. Kevin Best, CFP®, AEP®, MS


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Kevin’s purpose is to bring value to his family, business and community. This value is harnessed through the Serving Leader model that he follows.

  1. Run to Great Purpose: To do the most possible good, a Serving Leader must strive for the impossible and sustain the self’s greatest interest in pursuits beyond self-interest.
  2. Upend the Pyramid: Putting others first – a Serving Leader is in charge of charging up others to action.
  3. Raise the Bar: A Serving Leader expects a lot from himself and others – we stretch and grow to meet the expectations.
  4. Blaze the Trail: A Serving Leader teaches others the knowledge, skills and strategies they need to succeed, and works hard to remove obstacles in their way.
  5. Build on Strength: A Serving Leader focuses his business on what he does really well. Kevin focuses on his clients and what they do really well. Together they are able to better all.

As a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional, Kevin works with clients through the trademarked Custom Wealth Architect system. He looks at how their legal, tax, business, investment and family situation relates to their overall purpose.

Kevin is a member of the Resource Group, an ensemble of financial planning professionals within Lincoln Financial Advisors. He has access to resources in estate and business planning designed to provide an unparalleled experience to his clients. Regular symposiums and meetings are held for Resource Group members throughout the year to increase their innovative capabilities.

Kevin belongs to Strategic Coach, an entrepreneurial coaching program for successful business owners who strive for balance between family and business. Strategic Coach has been instrumental in creating the competitive edge that allows Best Times’ clients to be confident and secure in their objectives.

Within the community Kevin is on the board of directors for Rochester's Estate Planning Council, Seneca Park Zoo Society, Heritage Christian Services Foundation, and the Mental Health Association (MHA). Kevin and a small group of individuals have formed Serving Leader Rochester (SLR), an organization dedicated to helping Rochester become the greatest community on earth. He is a past board member of Continuing Development Services (CDS) and RIT’s Nathaniel Rochester Society.

Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts degree through SUNY Buffalo, a Master of Science degree from the University of Rochester and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Practitioner. He has a FINRA Series 7 license as well as all requisite state and insurance licenses needed to implement the financial plans.

Kevin lives in Pittsford with his wife, Tami, and their daughters, Alexandrea, Isabella and Brianna